Breaking news from the TICKOPRINT labs!

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The first lab samples of the modular TICKOMIC microphone system have arrived and been tested. The TICKOMIC microphone system is featuring the specialised and highly integrated TICKOMIC signal amplifier with

- mic-in for inexpensive piezo microphones
- audio-out to the smartphone
- power supply from the smartphones USB connector ( no additional power supply needed)

The base version the TICKOMIC microphone system will come with a standard piezo microphone at unbeatable price.

The TICKOMIC modular microphone system increases the signal detection and acquiring dramatically and will make your smartphone with TICKOPRINT even work like every professional watch analyzer.

We are expecting the base version of TICKOMIC being ready for shipping in September 2015.


Important notice - connector for external mic

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We recently have discovered that certain tablets which offer WiFi functionality only (without GSM services) do not have a wired external microphone connector. The commonly used and built-in 3.5 mm RCA connector offers ear phone connectivity only, but it is not possible to use an external microphone on these particular devices as the built-in mic contacts are internally unwired.

These are bad news for certain TICKOPRINT users who own one of this kind of tablets. It is impossible to use TICKOPRINT with these particular tablets as TICKOPRINT mandatory needs an external microphone for proper operation.

We are working on a solution to check the device hardware if the external mic connector is available/wired and to notify the user by screen dialogue if the device is suitable for TICKOPRINT or not.

Important notice to all TICKOPRINT users!

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Important notice to all TICKOPRINT users and testers:

We have recently encountered that operating TICKOPRINT with the power supply attached to the Android device for charging affects the accuracy of beat count detection as well as the entire accuracy of tests performed by TICKOPRINT.

This is a result of poor noise frequencies reduction inside the power supply and no TICKOPRINT fault. To avoid future misreadings of TICKOPRINT we have included a warning message when a test is started while the device is being charged. This enhancement is being distributed with the next update of TICKOPRINT.

This is a very severe error caused by poor circuit quality of the majority of provided power supplies, and may have lead into difficulties using TICKOPRINT as being reported by a numbers of users.