TICKOPRINT about to come!

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TICKOPRINT is on the final for being released within the last weeks of 2013. The tremendous support by the Beta users group has lead into major improvements in usability, accuracy and functionality of TICKOPRINT which has made it easier to use and by increased functionality.

To make TICKOPRINT easily usable in all major countries it has been translated into German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese language.

We are happy to announce that the final release candiadte is planned to be published pretty soon. All newsletter subscribers will be notified when the time has come for downloading the free version of TICKOPRINT for Andoid(TM).

Please stay tuned!

TICKOPRINT beta test started!

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The Beta test has started!

The TICKOPRINT beta version has just been sent to our group of beta testers worlwide. We are very excited that - after more than eighteen month of hard work - we have achieved this important pre-release state and we are very curious about the feedback we will receive pretty soon from the members of our beta testers group!

To get a first glimpse of TICKOPRINT please see this short handmade video tutorial:

Tickoprint Video Tutorial

You will frequently being updated about the ongoing release process of TICKOPRINT!

Tickoprint News!

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We are releasing the ALPHA version (inofficial release for alpha testing purposes) of TICKOPRINT within the next two weeks. The version is published only for a closed group of beta testers.

The maximum member count of the beta tester group has been achieved today within a couple of minutes. The group will be supplied with the Alpha release of Tickoprint pretty soon. 

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